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Skin Care Products

Skin Care Products

The Best Place to Buy Natural Skin Care Products in Singapore – Oooooya!

Why we must use natural skin Care products for long and lasting healthy skin?

Skin plays a very crucial immunity role in protecting our body from pathogens as it is our body’s interface with the outside environment, it’s the part of our body that’s most exposed to all the good and bad in the environment, the sun, water, dust, chemicals, and pollutants.

Natural skin care products are good for your skin because they are essentially made from natural plant extracts and contain minimal or no synthetic ingredients that cause long term harm to your skin. Besides being safer for your skin natural and ayurvedic skin care products are indirectly good for the environment as no chemical wastes are produced during their manufacturing.

For example, natural oil for your body, natural and ayurvedic body wash, natural bar soaps, natural shampoo and conditioner are all daily use products in every household and when they are produced by natural ingredients we are saving the planet from millions of litres of chemical and synthetic compounds and more importantly saving our skin from it.

Where to buy the best natural body wash/ best shower gel in Singapore?

Where can I find my, favorite natural skin care products from Medimix? my favorite skin care products from Himalaya? natural face and body care products from VLCC natural sciences?

Oooooya brings you a wide range of ayurvedic and natural skin care products from some of the world’s renowned natural and ayurvedic skincare brands like Himalaya, Medimix, Vlcc natural sciences, etc.

Our health and beauty collection is basically categorized as natural products for your body, natural products for your hair and natural products for your face.

If you are looking for a natural bio-oil, then you must try the wonderful bio elixir oil from Vlcc that’s a blend of several natural oils like rosemary oil, argan oil, jojoba oil, etc. it’s highly recommended for skin scars, to even out uneven skin tones, depigmentation and help to slow skin aging.

We offer a range of natural body wash and natural bar soaps for you, six great ayurvedic formulation body wash from Medimix, namely the classic Medimix ayurvedic 18 herbs body wash, Medimix Sandal body washes, Medimix lakshadi oil body wash, Medimix turmeric body wash, Medimix kumkumadi body wash and the evergreen medimix vetiver body wash. We also offer Medimix 18 herbs bar soaps, likewise the Medimix sandal and other bar soaps.

Where to buy natural and ayurvedic face wash and ayurvedic face scrubs and ayurvedic face packs and facial kits?

Oooooya offers a massive collection of ayurvedic and natural face wash from brands like Medimix, Himalaya, VLCC, and others. The Medimix turmeric face wash is a top seller along with the Himalaya neem face wash, Vlcc Haldi Chandan, and Vlcc Chandan Kesar face wash.

If you are looking for a charcoal face pack or charcoal peel-off mask, then you have reached the right place, we also have a mud pack for your face from Vlcc.

The anti pimple face pack or anti pimple face cleanser from Medimix is one of the best natural solutions for people with acne and pimple problems.

If you are looking for a solution for pigmentation problems, do try the Spotless clear depigmentation cream from VLCC.

We deliver to your doorstep, in fact, we promise you same-day delivery and we are also the only major online goodness grocer that offers a self-collect or curbside pickup option within 4 hours of order at a central location in Singapore, for enjoying our self- collect option, you need to select the self-collect option during the order check out and indicate a pickup time, after which you drive through our warehouse and your order would be ready nicely packed in our cartons for safe transport.