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24 Mantra Organic Ancient Grains Barnyard Millet


Barnyard millet (echinochloa frumantacea) is a wild seed, mainly grown in the hilly areas of northern India around Uttaranchal. It is tiny, white, round grain, bigger in size than semolina (rawa) and smaller than sago (sabudana). As barnyard millet tastes almost similar to broken rice when cooked, it is called the “sanwa rice”, however, it doesn't cook as separate grains like regular rice. Barnyard millet is a wholesome gluten free, a slow digesting low gi grain with excellent source of dietary fibres and iron. Barnyard millet I barnyard millet is an ideal rice replacer for several Indian dishes like upma, kheer, khichadi, Pongal, as well as sweet or savoury porridges. It is also known as Shyama in Bengali, moraiyo in Guajarati, sanwa in Hindi, Oodalu in Kannada, kuthiraivolly in Tamil and udalu in Telugu. Organic barnyard millet by 24 Mantra is free from pesticides and chemicals.