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Rice (White, Brown, Black

Rice (White, Brown, Black

The Best Place to Buy Organic Rice Online – Oooooya!

Where to Buy the Best Organic Brown Rice?

Brown rice is regarded the healthy choice and if it’s organic brown rice then it’s even healthier, Oooooya has a wide range of organic brown rice for the health-conscious and for the taste lovers, our range includes the hugely popular daily cooking Sonamasuri rice range in brown and the exclusive organic semi brown or hand pounded rice. The organic sonamasuri hand-pounded brown rice or the semi brown rice is husked and removed by a stone grinder, hence the name.

Organic brown rice is hugely popular among diabetics because it's packed with fiber which is an important component for managing diabetes.

We offer certified 100% organic HOM MALI brown rice which is also gluten-free and free from all forms of pesticides and chemicals, the home mali rice variant is widely popular in the Southeast Asia region and widely popular in oriental cooking.

We also offer the king of rice online, delivered the same day to your doorstep. The organic basmati brown rice which is hugely popular for its uniquely rich flavor and aromatic fragrance. The basmati rice variant is widely grown in the northern part of India and Pakistan, it’s widely consumed across Asia and the middle east. Our organic basmati brown rice is the most popular brown rice in Singapore and is a hot favorite among brown rice lovers, it’s widely used to cook the Indian dish, Biryani.

Where Can I find my favorite Sonamasuri Rice?

Oooooya is your one-stop rice store to buy your favorite organic rice online.

We at oooooya are heavily focused on the everyday use of groceries and the category of cereals is daily use in almost every kitchen in the world.

Our range of cereals is not only extensive but also exclusive and premium, we provide a wide selection of organic rice from white rice and brown rice to black rice and red rice in packings to suit your requirement and delivered same day to your doorstep.

Our experts have done all the necessary research and created a beautiful selection of rice and our organic Sonamasuri white rice is the most popular rice, as it’s widely used for daily home cooking. Sonamasuri is medium-grain rice that's widely grown in the southern part of India and is lightweight and aromatic, hence a favorite for daily consumption.

We also offer in various pack sizes organic sonamasuri brown rice and organic Sonamasuri or sonamasoori semi brown rice.

Where can I find the Best Basmati Rice and Best Organic Basmati Rice in Singapore?

Oooooya is the Best place to Buy Rice Online and also get it delivered Home the Same Day.

Basmati rice is the king of rice, known for its rich aroma and unique flavor and when it’s organic basmati rice, then it’s the best you can have for your favorite biryani.

Our 24 mantra organic basmati white rice is the most popular basmati rice in Singapore and is widely sold in stores all around the island including all the fair price finest stores.

We also offer organic brown basmati rice.

Where to order Organic Black Rice Online and also the unique Red Rice Online?

Oooooya is the place to order organic black rice and red rice online because we deliver the same day.

We offer a very high quality organic black rice and also the exclusive organic red rice, the black rice is widely used on oriental cooking especially for deserts.

We are one of the few online grocery store in Singapore promising same-day delivery and we are also the only major online goodness grocer that offers a self-collect or curbside pickup option within 4 hours of order at a central location in Singapore, for enjoying our self- collect option, you need to select the self-collect option during the order check out and indicate a pick-up time, after which you drive through our warehouse and your order would be ready nicely packed in our cartons for safe transport.