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Honeybee Brazillian (Hard) Wax


Brazilian Wax is suitable for even the most sensitive skin.This non-strip formula is applied in a very thin layer which, when pulled off, is a less painful, more comfortable treatment for the client. It is accomplished by spreading a wax combination thinly over the skin. A cloth or paper strip is then pressed on the top and ripped off with a quick movement against the direction of hair growth. This removes the wax along with the hair.Heat te wax to a liquid consistency and test temperature on the back of your wrist. use a spatula to apply a thick layer in the direction of hair growth. leave a slighly thicker tab at the end for easy removal. cool for about 30 seconds and pat gently. Pull the skin taut and remove wax with a firm action against the direction of hair growth . Use post wax oil to remove any wax residue and calmthe skin.