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  • $5.40

    24 Mantra Organic Jaggery Powder

    24 Mantra jaggery powder is a healthy alternative to white sugar. Jaggery is one of the common sweeteners used in the preparation of various dishes...

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  • from $3.40

    24 Mantra Organic Jaggery Blocks

    24 Mantra brings to you the natural goodness of Jaggery Blocks. Ancient ayurveda also strongly recommend jaggery as a tasty and healthy alternativ...

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    from $3.40
  • $5.90

    Just Organik Organic Jaggery Pearls

    Just Organik jaggery pearls are pellets made from organic sugarcane juice make a perfect 'sweet snack'. Rich in taste and packed with nutrition. Co...

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  • $4.70

    Praakritik Organic Jaggery Powder

    Praakritik Organic Jaggery powder comes from Latur region of Maharashtra. It is a replacement for any sugar that you use. Contains vitamins and min...

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  • $4.95

    Just Organik Organic Jaggery Powder

    Just Organik Organic Jaggery Powder (Organic Sugar Cane Juice) Healthly Replacement to refined sugar Organic jaggery powder is produced from organi...

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    24 Mantra Palm Jaggery Powder

    24 Mantra Palm Jaggery/Gur is an unrefined natural sweetener made by evaporating sugar cane juice.Ready to Eat.

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