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Poha (Beaten Rice)

  • from $4.30

    24 Mantra Organic Poha (flattened rice/rice flakes)

    Poha, also known as flattened rice, beaten rice or flaked rice, is commonly used for making variety of snacks, light fast foods. Poha is also known...

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    from $4.30
  • $5.20

    24 Mantra Organic Red Poha (Flattened rice/Rice flakes)

    Red poha flattened rice is made from best quality organic red rice, flattened rice, which is easily digestible. It is used to prepare snacks or lig...

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  • $4.40

    Just Organik White Rice Poha

    100% Organic : Free from Chemicals, Pesticides and GMO'sFlakes prepared by flattening Organic dehusked riceNo cholesterol and saturated fat and has...

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  • $7.30

    24 Mantra Organic Thin Poha - Red

    24 Mantra Organic red poha, which is made from red rice. In the recent times, red rice has garnered much attention because of its health benefiting...

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  • $6.70

    24 Mantra Organic Thin Poha - White

    24 Mantra Thin Poha is a much-loved breakfast food that has a number of variants in different parts of the country. Whether you like to eat it the ...

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  • $5.80

    Just Organik Organic Red Rice Poha

    Red Rice Poha: This is a healthier version of the regular poha and is made from red rice. The red colour in Red Rice is owing to the presence of a ...

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  • $7.60

    Praakritik Organic Poha

    Praakratik Organic Poha is a wholesome meal. Low in calories and made from the finest dry husk rice. It is popularly used as a cereal or for makin...

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