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Shampoo & Conditioner for Hair

Shampoo & conditioners – The most important hair care product

Taking care of your hair and protecting it from dirt & pollutants is as important as taking care of your health and requires equal attention. Using the right hair care products for keeping your hair healthy is extremely important and shampoo is one of the most important hair care products among all others.

Just like every skin type needs a different kind of product so does hair. Every shampoo and conditioner out in the market claim to work for a specific hair type but you should always know that the kind of shampoo you are using should suit your hair and scalp to give you the best results.

Benefits of shampoo & conditioners

  • Using shampoo at least twice to thrice a week is recommended for the best results. This is a hair care product and serves the purpose of removing unwanted debris and dirt from the scalp.
  • Also, removal of oil from the hair is another major benefit of shampooing, this shows the importance of shampoo in hair care because it can be formulated for many important aspects of hair care.
  • Shampoos provide a clean and clear scalp and if you have active sebum secretion in your scalp, the frequency of shampoo may vary from person to person. Water mixed with soap has not been found to be as effective and hence shampoo serves the purpose. This is one of the reasons why shampoo has successfully replaced soaps for washing hair.
  • Shampoos contain surfactants that are components having the ability to dissolve dirt and oily substances. This property of shampoo is the base of the functionality of using shampoo leaving dirt and oil particles loose which is then washed out with water.
  • Apart from cleaning the scalp, it also helps in treating various scalp conditions that cannot be treated with ordinary soap. Various conditions such as dandruff, seborrheic dermatitis, flakes are serious sin conditions and need to be treated dermatologically for the cure.
  • Conditioners can be helpful in conditioning your hair to the core.
  • Conditioners have to apply after washing your hair which helps in turning your hair smooth and remain untangled.

Choosing the best shampoo for your hair type

Shampoo, besides cleansing, has therapeutic effects in treating medical issues with hair. For this purpose, there are different types of shampoos available in the market that can be categorized on the basis of hair condition, scalp condition, hair type, etc. There are specific formulations for different skin issues and are infused with different ingredients as per the requirements. By using a good quality shampoo, hair texture, and shine can be retained for a longer time.

The main reason to use shampoo is to remove the unwanted sebum in the hair developed due to pollution, and dirt which make the hairs unmanageable. There are different types of shampoo and conditioners available and can be chosen according to the need of the hair type.

Using a good quality shampoo is not merely a wish but a responsibility to ensure good hair and hence it is especially important to know and choose the right hair care product. We can totally understand the pressure of choosing the best quality shampoo that can help your hair grow smoother and stay strong and hence we strongly suggest choosing from the best at Oooooya!

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