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The Vedic Company

The Vedic Company - Incense sticks

Incense sticks are fragrance sticks that have ingredients to infuse fragrance in the surroundings. Incense has many forms, but in the simplest definition, it can be defined as any plant component or plant-derived ingredient which is burned for its aromatic properties.

Incense sticks are available with different fragrances. The spiritual purposes of burning incense can vary based on the religious ceremony or intention of its use. The idea of aromatherapy is based on the fact that aromatic substances can be used for healing and medicinal purposes. Incense sticks are extremely popular due to their aromatic properties and are also believed to purify the home.

How is Vedic Company Incense Stick different from other incense sticks?

With the advancement, incense sticks have been improvised on different aspects and are a combination of artificial as well as natural products. One of the most popular company to create natural and chemical-free incense stick is The Vedic company and have emerged successfully over years.

Vedic company has been working since the 1940s and delivering quality results with its production. The Vedic Company team creates handmade 100% Natural Incense sticks using essential oils and herbs that give them a unique aroma and fragrance.

In Hindu and Buddhist culture, burning incense is about spreading positivity around and is also a symbol of devotion towards God. Indians often burn incense sticks for their gods regularly as a part of their daily Puja. Traditionally, incense sticks were made using tree resins, herbs, and woody plants. Natural Incense sticks products when burned in any atmosphere, fill the space with positivity and fragrance. It helps in increasing calmness and focus, reduces anxiety, and is said to help relax the mind.

Natural incense sticks and their increasing popularity

Various ingredients have different effects on the surroundings. It is always advisable to use only 100% natural incense sticks as they are healthier than synthetic incense sticks (Agarbattis), synthetic incense sticks not only have synthetic compounds but also use artificial glue, and when artificial glue is burnt the fumes are said to cause a lot of bad effects on the human body, especially children.

Natural ingredients like Chandan (Sandal), Lavender, mogra (Jasmine), Kasturi, Gulabi are the active ingredients in the Vedic Company incense sticks and the glue used is also 100% natural glue, the packaging is made of recycled paper and labels from organic ink.

Lavender is a famous ingredient in incense sticks as it is known to have good effects on the sleeping pattern, it is said that lavender aroma helps in fighting insomnia and provides a sound sleep pattern. Lavender and sandalwood incense has been found to be the most effective combination.

Vanilla and Jasmine are known to induce good sleeping habits and treat sleep disorders, blue lotus is known for activating the hypothalamus, which is responsible for sexual arousal. Natural incense is believed to help combat bronchitis, asthma, sinusitis, frequent colds as well as different kinds of allergies. There are a number of options available in the market but the best of them all can be found with Oooooya, choose your pack of the Vedic company natural incense sticks today!

If you are looking for the best-fragranced incense stick online, your search can come to end with the Vedic company’s pure and natural incense sticks range. Using quality and natural ingredients in the manufacturing of incense sticks is followed religiously in every incense packet created by the team at Vedic company and hence is trusted by people all around the world.

Using sustainable processes to create incense sticks is the motto with which the Vedic company has been working taking care of the environmental aspects. The best part is that the incense sticks come with the least impacting packaging to the environment with no child labor in the production. If you want to get a strong, natural, and soothing fragrance in your house, buy incense sticks from The Vedic company at Oooooya today.