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24 Mantra Organic Cloves


Clove, a pungent aromatic spice is a dried flower bud of clove tree. 24 Mantra's organic section brings us naturally grown cloves with pungent aroma. Clove is useful for both cooking and medicinal purposes. It is widely used for culinary in Africa, Asia and in middle eastern countries to add flavour to meat and chicken curries. Clove is also used to add essence to few sweet dishes containing fruits. It is a must spice in marinating non-veg dishes. Clove buds by 24 Mantra has various non-culinary uses. It acts as a great ant repellent for sweet food items. It also has a significant place in Indian Ayurveda and ancient Chinese medicines. Clove buds have a numbing effect on mouth tissues, thus effective for toothache. Clove is also an important ingredient in toothpastes nowadays.