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24 Mantra Organic Coriander Powder Bottle


24 Mantra's coriander power is made from pure and organic coriander, which is also called Chinese paisley. It is a common and most used spice in an Indian kitchen. It is an aromatic spice, which is mainly used to add fragrance and flavour to the meals. It is the best garnishing and seasoning for many food items. Coriander powder, apart from being a yummy spice, has many curative properties to it. 24 Mantra's coriander powder is organic and helps in digestion, relieves fluid retention in the body and enhances appetite. It is an essential ingredient in the preparation of various kinds of chutney. It also acts as a good preservative and keeps food from spoiling. It is a good source of lipo protein, thus helps in building overall health of the body.