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24 Mantra Sulphurless Sugar

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24 Mantra brings to you the sweetness of sugar without the side-effects of sulphur and lime. Sulphur gets converted to sulphur dioxide that is harmful for the human body. This sulphur less sugar keeps alive the brand's tradition of providing organically sourced, pure form of products with all their natural goodness. Sulphur less sugar is introduced for your healthy consumption. Not only is this sulphur less sugar from 24 Mantra beneficial for humans but it also has an eco-sensitive side to it. Sulphur dioxide causes corrosion to the machinery and increases repair and maintenance. The final by product molasses cannot be used for cattle feed or a fermentation medium for penicillin, vitamin B12 if it contains sulphur. This sulphur less sugar does away with all these disadvantages and is as good to taste as your natural sugar.