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Amrut Cask Strength

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Winner of Silver at the International Wine & Spirits Awards 2008 As the world’s first ever Indian whisky distillers to garner international acclaim, Amrut pride themselves in making world-class whiskies. This Indian Single Malt Cask Strength is marked at 62%, so it’s definitely intense. This stunning honey-gold expression is built from flavours of apricot and toffee. Aromas of caramelised biscuits are backed with a subtle spice finish and a hint of orange peel for an added citrus zing. Long, sophisticated and strong, this double cask is certainly top-shelf worthy. Freshly harvested Indian barley goes into every bottle of Amrut. Grown in the foothills of the Himalayas using the ‘water of life’ from the local rivers, this spirit truly captures the rich and colourful flavours of India. Distilled in the ‘plant capital’ of Bangalore, each unit is matured in American Oak Barrels and filtered straight into the bottles to sustain its natural flavour and colour. Perfect serve: : A whisky this strong may need to be weakened down just a little. Add a small amount of water and you’ll still get power-packed flavour. Or add to a staple whisky based cocktail such as a Whisky Sour or an Old-Fashioned.