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Anaconda Himalayan Salt Corn & Chickpea Organic Nachos



💥The healthiest nacho in Europe. Natural, ORGANIC, and real ingredients:

⚡️Corn *

⚡️Chickpea *

⚡️Sunflower oil *

⚡️Himalayan Salt

(*) From organic farming

💥 40% more protein

💥 Source of fiber

💥 Whole grain, no flour

💥 NON-GMO corn

💥Vegan friendly, Dairy Free & Gluten Free

💥Each bag contains 125 gr, ideal to share, can´t miss at your parties and events!

💥An organic snack that tastes as good (or better) than the traditional nachos. You won't notice the difference, but your body and health will thank you for it.

⚡️Chickpeas are the star ingredient of our protein nachos. They are a nutritionally complete food because of their protein, fibre and potassium content.

⚡️With our recipe we have managed to increase the protein content of the nachos by 40% and the fibre by 50% compared to similar products in the market.

⚡️This important contribution of fibre helps to regulate intestinal transit. It manages to reduce cholesterol levels. As a legume, it also contains a high level of potassium.

⚡️We have managed to improve nutritionally on traditional nachos for another fundamental reason: we do not use any kind of chickpea or corn flour, but our snack is made with whole grain, slowly boiled. It's a more expensive traditional process, but one that allows us to get the most out of these wonderful ingredients. The less processed, the more natural and real we eat. This brings great advantages for our health compared to conventional mass snacks.