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Banjaras Hibiscus Hair Care Powder (5*20gms)


Hibiscus flowers are not just beautiful, but have amazing benefits for hair growth, deep conditioning, and hair growth. Amino acids in hibiscus promote Keratin, the building block of hair and nails - making your hair longer, stronger and thicker.

How to use:

Hair oil: Gently heat and stir in Brahmi powder in hair oil of choice, till the essence of hibiscus is fully absorbed and the oil changes colour. Massage in circular motions or use as desired.

Hair mask: Mix with other ingredients of choice or by itself with lemon juice or curd and apply all over from root to tip. Leave for 30 mins and wash with a gentle hair cleanser.

Why you will love it:

  • Hibiscus promotes hair growth, prevents breakage, and baldness.
  • It addresses premature greying and helps maintain deep colour on colored hair.
  • Deep conditions hair, making your tresses bouncy, thick and lovely!