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Just Organik Organic Jaggery Pearls


Just Organik jaggery pearls are pellets made from organic sugarcane juice make a perfect 'sweet snack'. Rich in taste and packed with nutrition. Convenient to handle and easy to store. They are produced from sugarcane cultivated in organic farms in the Himalayas without application of chemical fertilizers or pesticides. Processing is done without using any chemicals used to clarify cane sugar. Jaggery pearls retain trace minerals and vitamins, and hence are a healthy and nutrient rich sweetener. Just Organik jaggery pearls are a rich source of iron and is therefore very good for anaemic people, as it increases the haemoglobin level in the blood. Munch it like a sweet snack or use it as a sweetener, post meals or all through the day, the pearls will be delightful everytime.