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Just Organik Organic Mix Dal (Dal Panchrangi)

Organic Mix dal (Dal Panchrangi) – Just Organik Mix dal is the combination of 5 organic pulses that can be easily prepared without any prior soaking. Containing Organic Arhar, Urad Split, Moong Split, Chana Dal and Masoor Split, the Mix dal makes a colourful addition to the dinner table.
Rich in nutrients – Combining the nutritional properties of 5 most popular lentils, Just Organik Mix dal is a good source of carbohydrates, amino acids and minerals.
Good for digestive system – Just Organik Mix dal (Dal Panchrangi) is easy to digest, rich in minerals and dietary fiber and hence is gut healthy. The easy to digest properties make the dal a perfect recipe for people suffering from digestion related illness.
Used in Many recipes: Also known as Dal Panchmel, Dal panchrangi is a famous part of Rajasthani and Gujarati Cuisine. The dal mix can be used in preparation of various styles of Dal tadka, Risotos, khichdi, etc.