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Nikka Coffee Gin


Created from a maize spirit and a malted barley spirit in the coffey stills of the Miyagikyo distillery, this gin – a first for Nikka, includes juniper berries and a large number of citrus fruits (yuzu, kabosu, amanatsu, shikuwasa).

Profile: With much intensity, the extremely aromatic first nose reveals lime and orange blossom. Allowed to breathe, it develops a more milky (coconut), luscious (juniper), spicy (grey pepper, pink peppercorn) and stony (apricot) register. The lively yet creamy attack reveals new aromatic plants (sage, verbena). On the mid-palate, citrus fruits – lemon in particular – and ripe fruits (apple, pear) get the upper hand before being covered in strong spices (star anise, grated ginger). The mouth-watering finish is like chewing on liquorice stick. The lush character is like a green and mint tea. Bitter orange brings lots of tone to the after-taste.