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Multani Mitti Benefits for Hair and Skin

Multani Mitti Benefits for Hair and Skin

Multani Mitti, also known as “Fuller’s Earth” or “Mud from Multan”, is a type of mineral-rich clay that is loaded with numerous benefits for the skin and hair. It is a natural cleanser and astringent that contains various minerals like magnesium, silica, and iron, and boasts an absorbent property that helps it in sopping up oil naturally from the skin as well as the scalp. In addition, it helps in exfoliating the skin, conditioning the scalp, and removing dead cells and flakes.

Interestingly, Banjaras multani mitti is one of the natural ingredients backed by India’s very own traditional science, Ayurveda. It is a rare ingredient from the nature’s own beauty kit that has been used for centuries for treating several skin and hair ailments.

Multani mitti benefits for skin

Multani mitti’s cleansing, nourishing, and exfoliating properties can help you in getting radiant, flawless, and glowing skin. It contains various active elements that can absorb oil and sweat along with other impurities to make your skin clean, soft and supple. Moreover, it removes excess sebum and presides over oil production in the skin, making it highly beneficial for people with oily skin. In fact, Ayurveda asserts that multani mitti is one of the best natural treatments for oily skin ailments like pimples and acne, as it is enriched with anti-inflammatory and antiseptic properties.

Here are some concerns you may have with regard to the benefits of multani mitti for skin:

  • Does multani mitti make skin fair?

Multani mitti in all true senses is a magical ingredient. It can be mixed with several other skin-friendly natural ingredients like honey, milk, haldi, etc. for making a face pack, or it can also be used as a scrub. When used as a scrub, it can help in removing excess oil, dead skin cells, whiteheads, and blackheads from your skin and revealing a naturally glowing fairer skin.

  • Does multani mitti remove dark spots?

Multani mitti is a natural exfoliator. Thus, it can help in reducing blemishes, lightening pigmentation, brightening complexion, and improving skin texture. You can make various DIY face masks by mixing it with other natural ingredients like lemon juice, cinnamon, and honey.

  • Can multani mitti be used on dry skin?

While multani mitti is great for oily skin, it is identically effective in keeping dry skin ailments like eczema and dullness at bay. It contains calcium, a mineral that acts a moisturizer to keep the skin hydrated and protected against sun damage.

Multani mitti benefits for hair

Various studies assert that using multani mitti for hair is loaded with numerous benefits. It helps in eliminating dandruff, promoting hair growth, straightening hair, and improving split ends. Being absorbent in nature and infused with exfoliating properties, it can be used as an ingredient along with coconut oil or apple cider vinegar for making homemade shampoo. In fact, you don’t even require a separate conditioner after you wash your hair with multani mitti mixture.

Here are some concerns you may have with regard to the benefits of multani mitti for hair:

  • How does multani mitti work on hair?

Multani mitti is a mild and effective cleanser. Thus, it can serve as an ideal hair pack for you if you tend to have an oily hair scalp. Moreover, it only removes impurities from your hair and cleans it without drying out the essential natural oils.

  • Can we use multani mitti daily?

Yes, multani mitti is a natural ingredient, and thus, is appropriate for daily use. It can be applied every other day if you have oily skin. However, you should preferably use rose water instead of lemon juice for making the face pack, in case you plan to apply it daily.

Since multani mitti is highly absorbent in nature, you should avoid using it on a daily basis if you have dry hair or dry (sensitive) skin. If used in excess, it can make your skin and scalp dehydrated. However, it is completely safe for application once or twice a week.

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