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How to make quality hand rolled incense sticks with pure Essential oils

How to make quality hand rolled incense sticks with pure Essential oils

100% Natural, Chemical free, Sustainable forest sourced ingredients incense sticks handmade, hand rolled at The Vedic Company.

Why Should You Listen to Us?

Natural Essential oils, flowers, herb extracts and various forest produce has been put sustainably procured and with these 100% Natural, Chemical Free, hand rolled incense are manufactured through us, The Vedic Company, we are doing so since three generations. With around 72 years of experience, Chandan (Sandalwood), Ashtagandha, Kasturi (Musk), Manamohak, Gulabi (Rose), Sambrani, Thulasi (Basil), Soujanya, Dashangam, Amodapushpa, Prakruthi and Swarnapadma  incense sticks are manufactured through us, The Vedic Company.


The Process that Leads to Blessings

At The Vedic Company to make handmade or hand rolled Sandalwood (Chandan) incense sticks we begin with mixing sandalwood powder or rose petals or herbs, wild honey, cow ghee (Clarified butter), charcoal (to aid in the burning of the incese) and jigit (natural tree material to hold the ingredients together) to this enough water is added and knead into a ball. This kneaded ball is now hand rolled through The Vedic Company rolling staff onto bamboo splints skillfully. After this incense is rolled it is allowed to dry.

Once dried these Sandalwood (Chandan) or Ashtagandha or Kasturi (Musk) or Manamohak or Gulabi (Rose) or Sambrani or Thulasi (Basil) or Soujanya or Dashangam or Amodapushpa or Prakruthi or Swarnapadma incense sticks is loosely bundled and kept aside.


What’s Special About this Process?

The Vedic Company now using only Natural Essential oils prepare required blend which is allowed to mature, after which we take the above respective loosely bundled dried incense sticks and dip into the container of this blended essential oils for a minute or until such that the base incense sticks have absorbed enough essential oils. The excess is drained by placing the bundles on a collection tray.

After this process these incense sticks made through The Vedic Company is now ready to be packed using minimum biodegradable, garden compostable, recycled and locally sourced boxes.

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