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24 Mantra Organic Whole Green Moong (Mung)


The green moong dal is used to make jellies, sweets, curries, dals and a host of other dishes around the world, particularly in Asia. The 24 Mantra green moong dal whole is a wonderful product that lets you get the best and fresh green moong dal. Every part of this dal is used in preparing a large range of delicacies and dishes, right from its starch-rich skin and protein-rich interior to the sprouts you get when it is moist. The 24 Mantra green moong dal whole is packed with utmost care and is brought to the consumer unadulterated and with its quality intact. The best thing about this dal is that it is organically produced. With the polythene packing, the dal remains fresh for long period of time. Moreover the dal is organically produced. Try this green moong dal from 24 Mantra for a better health.