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Just Organik Organic Basmati Rice (Dehradooni Long Grain)


Organic Basmati Rice: ‘Basmati’ is the long-grained, aromatic rice which is well-known for its sweetness, softness and distinct aroma. These long slender grains elongate twice their original size upon cooking, stand distinct with a soft and fluffy texture and are known for the superior aroma and distinct nutty flavor. Just Organik Organic Basmati Rice, procured from the Organic farmers of Uttarakhand lends a touch of class that can transform even the most ordinary meal into a gourmet’s delight.

Lower Glycemic Index: Basmati has a lower Glycemic Index than other rice varieties which makes it a better choice for people with diabetes. It is low on saturated fats and sodium which makes it a healthier option. Basmati rice is blessed with the goodness of dietary fibers, with 20% more fiber than many other kinds of cereals and hence, aids in better digestion.

Fluffy separate grains on cooking: Since Basmati rice doesn’t stick together while or after cooking, it is one of the best choices to prepare dishes like Biryanis, Pulao, Stir Fried dishes, Pilafs, etc. You may serve it plain or steamed along with vegetables of your choice.

Himalayan speciality: The word Basmati is a Sanskrit word meaning 'fragrant'. Basmati Rice has been naturally cultivated in the Himalayan foothills from ages. Grown with natural cultivation techniques, it carries a distinct identity of Himalayan purity and is associated with the traditional use, knowledge, habits, dialects and celebration of the people who have cultivated it since ages.