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Neidhal Indian Single Malt

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Ancient Tamil texts, dating back to the Sangam period (300 BC – 300 AD), classify mother earth into five regions called tinais, each being associated with its own distinct literary style, grammar, mood, subtle as well as overt form of romance, culture and even cuisine. “Neidhal”, according to this classification comprises all Oceans and neighboring regions or in short Coastal Plains and the way of living one associates with them. Neidhal is an off road adventure embarked by Amrut and for the first time in India, we have decided to show case some of the hidden gems. We have polished this gem, by tweaking few things on maturation, to showcase its potential. NEIDHAL is a single malt eponymously sourced from a Neidhal or coastal region and exhibits traits that uniquely spring from the locale - notes of tropical fruits, vanilla punctuated by soft phenols and above all sea salt on the nose. On the palate, it is fruit cocktail and mesmerising phenols with a touch of iodine. The middle ground is an essay in chewability and a finish that is phenolic with a touch of sweet vanilla.