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Sedno Aronia Juice (100% Natural Health-Boosting Juice)

Get acquainted with this lesser known, but just as, if not more powerful superfruit! There's been multiple studies to show the myriad of benefits that consuming Aronia berries bring.
  1. A top antioxidant source
  2. Maintaining good urinary tract health
  3. Improving blood circulation
  4. Balancing blood pressure levels
  5. Preventing and treating diabetes
  6. Weight regulation,
  7. Eye protection
  8. Helps to sleep well.
Simply incorporate 100 ml (dilute with water, add to your granola or cocktail) of this supplement into your everyday routine to see the difference this superfruit makes.

For low blood pressure, it’s recommended to use in the evening. Suitable for people with diabetes.

Taste profile: Deep berry flavour. Tart and slightly dry.